Seminar “Van binnenhuiskunst tot interieurarchitectuur/De l’ensemblier à l’architecte d’intérieur” (UAntwerpen, KU Leuven)

In many Western countries, the field of interior design is characterized by an on-going identity crisis. The confusion becomes apparent in the diverse nomenclature: interior architecture, interior design, interior decoration… Furthermore, the discipline was often (and still is) perceived as feminine and amateurish. Attempts to correct this image have significantly characterized the professionalization of interior design since World War II. This is particularly noticeable in the field of education: interior design programs were continuously challenged to address their own image. Vocational courses have now achieved academic status, but in what ways did this change the identity of the profession?

The FWO-project ‘The emergence of interior architecture in Belgium, 1945-1999. Assessing the impact of education on the identity formation of the design discipline’ maps the different Belgian programs up until the Bologna Declaration of 1999. For the first time, alumni and (former) teachers will gather to reflect on the part played by educational programs in the development of the designer profile. The seminar will take place in Antwerp, and will consist of three parts: an introduction to the historical research, a series of short presentations by (former) teachers, and a concluding roundtable.

We’d be delighted to invite anyone interested to join our seminar (which will be in Dutch and French) on Thursday, 24 February. You can join both online and on-campus, at Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp, room K 1.1. We provide lunch for all participants. Due to the corona measurements, physical attendance is limited. Please notify Benoît Vandevoort if you’d like to join before Thursday, 17 February.


9u: coffee + kick-off

by prof. Els De Vos (UAntwerpen) en prof. Fredie Floré (KU Leuven)

9u30: The emergence of interior design in Belgium, 1945-1999

Introduction of the project by Sam Vanhee (UAntwerpen) and Benoît Vandevoort (KU Leuven)

11u: Break

11u30: A landscape of pedagogical practices, part 1

Testimonials on interior design education by Steven Stals (N.H.I.B.S. Antwerpen), Hugo De Belder (H.A.I.S.G. Gent), Jos Roux (P.H.A.I. Hasselt) and Leen Scholiers (Sint-Lucas Gent)

12u30: Lunch break

14u: A landscape of pedagogical practices, part 1

Testimonials on interior design education by Koen Deprez (Sint-Lucas Brussel), Ilze Quaeyhaegens (Coloma Mechelen), Thierry Aughuet (E.S.A.P.V. Mons) and Daniel Lesage (Saint-Luc Liège)

15u: Break

15u30: Roundtable

An interactive conversation with alumni of the different programs

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