Expo: Rural Postcards

The exhibition “Rural Postcards. Productivity and ‘idyll’ in a Belgian prison farm” will open on Tuesday 15th February at 5:30 p.m. on the ground floor of KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture (Paleizenstraat 65-67, 1030 Brussels, Belgium) and can be visited until the 7th March.

The exhibition investigates carceral space as represented and enacted in Penitentiair Landbouwcentrum (PLC) van Ruiselede, one of two surviving and still active prison farms in Belgium. Through a series of visual media, the exhibition observes the clash and coexistence of rural idyll and the modern paradigms of productivity and construction of the human self as factors mediating the relation of carcerality and countryside. 

Rural Postcards is a project by Sabrina Puddu and photographer Giaime Meloni. It involved the imprisoned people and staff at PLC Ruiselede and benefited from the collaboration of students from KU Leuven’s Master’s of Architecture. The exhibition will feature Giaime Meloni’s photographs, a short film edited by Luis Rojo from film collective BRBR, and a selection of drawings. The graphic project is by Rimasùu Studio​. 

The exhibition is part of Sabrina Puddu’s research project Territories of Incarceration (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual fellowship, funded by the European Commission) and it is hosted and co-funded by the Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven.

The instagram account @territories_of_incarceration will soon feature a selection of contents.

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