New FWO research project: The emergence of interior architecture in Belgium, 1945-1999: assessing the impact of education on the identity formation of the design discipline

Recently a joint FWO research project on the emergence of interior architecture in Belgium, hosted by UAntwerpen and KU Leuven, has been awarded. Under the supervision of prof. Els De Vos (UAntwerpen) and prof. Fredie Floré (KU Leuven) the project will develop detailed genealogies of a representative selection of interior design courses in Belgium up until 1999. Furthermore, a new method will be elaborated and refined for assessing the role of education in the identity formation of interior design, an ongoing concern within the field. The project finances two PhD positions, one at each university, linked to the following research groups: Henry van de Velde (UAntwerpen and Architecture Interiority Inhabitation (KU Leuven,

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