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Sebastiaan Loosen

Sebastiaan Loosen studied architectural engineering and philosophy at the KU Leuven. He defended his master theses on the theory of urban violence (entitled ‘War as urbanism, urbanism as warfare. Urbicide in Hebron’, supervised by Lieven De Cauter) and on the spatial aspects of biopolitical theory (entitled ‘Biotope and metropolis. Biopolitical space in the works of

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Katarina Serulus

Katarina Serulus studied art history and design cultures at the KU Leuven and the VU Amsterdam. In 2016 she defended her PhD thesis at the University of Antwerp entitled Design & Politics: The Public Promotion of Industrial Design in Postwar Belgium (1950-1986). Her research interests focus on postwar national design policies in Belgium. Since 2017 she is

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