Dominique Bauer

Dominique Bauer

Dominique Bauer studied history and philosophy at KU Leuven and obtained her PhD in history in 2000 from KU Leuven, in the field of cultural history and legal philosophy, with a focus on temporality and the subject in legal history. On the latter theme she published articles in leading journals in the field, such as the Journal of the History of International Law or the Zeitschrift der Savigny Stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte, and in edited volumes with Brill and Cambridge University Press. She recently co-edited a volume with Brill on History, Casuistry and Custom in the Legal Thought of Francisco Suárez (1548-1617) (2021, with R. Lesaffer), in which she published an extensive article on history and contingency in F. Suárez’s legal doctrine.

In 2004 she was appointed at the faculty of Architecture for cultural history and philosophy, and she reoriented her research towards the study of the imagery of interior spaces in literary and artistic sources, with a focus on the long nineteenth century in France and Belgium. Since 2016 she focusess more on understanding temporality, memory and subjectivity (literature and art, Benjamin and Bergson), communicated through “porosity” that characterizes spatial imageries of interiority, especially in fin-de-siècle Belgium. In this framework she published Beyond the Frame. Case Studies in 2016 and Place-Text-Trace. The Fragility of the Spatial Image in 2018 (Peeters). She co-edited The Imagery of Interior Spaces in 2019 (Punctum Books New York, with M. Kelly)). In 2021 she furthermore co-edited Ephemeral Spectacles, Exhibitions Spaces and Museums 1750-1918 (AUP, with C. Murgia) and The Home, Nations and Empires, and Ephemeral Exhibition Spaces 1750-1918 (AUP, with C. Murgia). The Porous Interior. Space and Imagination in Literature and Architecture during the Long Nineteenth Century (With K. Haklyn, A. Dubois and J. Owen) is sheduled for publication in 2022. In 2019 a Special Issue Inside Belgium: Conceiving and representing Domestic Space in the Nineteenth Century was co-edited with Claire Moran. Another upcoming publication is a chapter on “Ekphrasis and the development of a disruptive discourse on Representation” in Slow reading and the Shock of recognition (edited by A. Robiglio, 2021), that was presented at a seminar with Carlo Ginzburg to celebrate the Philosophical Review Club at the Institute of Philosophy (KU Leuven, 2018).

In 2009 she was a visiting scholar at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard and in 2018 she became member of GEMCA at UCLouvain (Group for Early Modern Cultural Analysis), where she is involved as an expert in the Brain Project Ornamenta sacra. Iconological study of the liturgical heritage from the Southern Netherlands (1400-1700) (KULeuven/UCL/KIK-IRPA). At GEMCA se collaborates with a. o. Ralph Dekoninck on the longer-term history of the ‘parcours’ as a movement of spatial fragmentation and reconfiguration, at the intersection of interiorisation and the public realm.  Collaboration on this theme with laa (laboratoire analyse architecture, Jean Stillemans) at UCL has led to the organisation of a first seminar on this subject in March 2021 and a presentation of Le parcours entre l’Ancien Régime et le monde muséal du XIXe siècle. In the same framework, she was invited to McGill as a visiting research fellow in the spring of 2020, on the subject of the re-enactment of the Flemish primitives in Belgian fin-de-siècle art and literature (Rodenbach and Khnopff). In 2018 she established the series Spatial imageries in Historical Perspective with Amsterdam University Press. In 2020 she became a member of the scientific board of the Emile Verhaerenmuseum (Puurs-Sint-Amands).

In 2021 she organised the conference Cultures of Belgian Space/ Cultures de l’espace belge (1850-1924) at d’Ursel Castle/ Emile Verhaerenmuseum, in collaboration with UGent (M. Sterckx), ULB (L. Brogniez) and the Verhaerenmuseum. At the conference, that attracted top notch international researchers on fin-de-siècle Belgium, the Interdisciplinary Association for Interior Studies was inaugurated. In 2021 she engaged in the project Listening ‘avec contemplation’ in Belgian Fin-de-siècle Culture. Towards an Aesthetic of the Architectural Space and Interiority in (Semi)private Music Venues. On the interdisciplinarity of this project a study day will be organised in the Maison d’Oxford at Oxford (with J. Simpson and D. Hopkin) in 2022, as well as at the University of Coventry (with J. Simpson).