Bram De Maeyer: Designing Embassies for Middle Powers

Bram De Maeyer: Designing Embassies for Middle Powers

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The Research Council of the KU Leuven has allocated financial support for the project ‘Designing Embassies for Middle Powers: The Architecture of Belgian and Dutch Diplomacy in a Globalizing World’ in the category fundamental research (C1).

The project, led by Prof. dr. Fredie Floré and Prof. dr. Anne-Françoise Morel, aims at the study of embassy architecture of middle power states since 1945. It takes as a hypothesis that middle power states more than others have been confronted with challenges of national representation within a global context. To what extent did these challenges affect the conception and representational role of their embassy architecture?

This project tackles this question through a case study on Belgium and the Netherlands – two historically related middle powers that, although pursuing disparate policies of embassy building, also considered collaboration. As such it will provide a framework for analysis of interactions between architecture and politics that are seldom noted and provide relevant guidance for design and policy-making.

Image source: FelixArchief/Stadsarchief Antwerpen, n. 28#9562

PhD student working on the project: Bram De Maeyer