Displacement & Domesticity: Working Paper Series

Displacement & Domesticity: Working Paper Series

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The WORKING PAPER SERIES gathers results from the EAHN 2019 Thematic Conference:


The EAHN conference was held in Brussels, Belgium on 28-29th March, 2019, in collaboration with KU Leuven Department of Architecture, the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium and FWO.

The papers presented draw together different responses regarding the question of displacement and domesticity in various circumstances (e.g., forced, economic, etc.) and in relation to past, present as well as future notions of SPACE, PLACE and ARCHITECTURE. The table of contents responds to the programme of the conference (although not all presenters submitted their full paper), which was designed by the organisers to highlight common and significant themes in the papers. In addition to displacement and domesticity, these themes attempt to untangle notions of HOME, HOUSING, the CITY, GENDER and SHELTER.

Therefore, this book of working papers introduces the theme of DISPLACEMENT and DOMESTICITY as a significant one of interdisciplinary investigation for our time. It looks to continue the discussion further – to to provoke and to challenge new questions and perspectives, reconfiguring the scholarly approach to these ideas.

The WORKING PAPER SERIES is now available for download HERE.