Displacement & Domesticity: Teaching tool

Displacement & Domesticity: Teaching tool

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The following download offers free access to the teaching tool which was developed collaboratively in a one-day workshop for doctoral students as part of the European Architectural History Network themed conference, Displacement and Domesticity: Refugees, Migrants, and Expats Making Homes (27-29 March 2019, Brussels).

The teaching tool is intended as a starting point for scholars working on the history and theory of displacement and domesticity.

The workshop considered the importance of the theoretical and discursive intersection of displacement and domesticity; provoked participants to reflect on their role as producers and consumers of knowledge; interrogated the ways in which concepts and modes of knowledge are transferred and exchanged among scholars as well as among broader publics; and, considered the potential for the generative and the generous in this emerging scholarship. The following document is thus neither conclusive nor comprehensive, but reflects the outcomes of the workshop.

Users of the teaching tool are invited to tailor it. We are grateful to those who would like to make use of, share and further develop this teaching tool, who would thereby keep it alive and add to the collective endeavour of its creation. At the same time, we are grateful if you cite this source file. DOWNLOAD TEACHING TOOL HERE [Cite as: Displacement & Domesticity International Conference (2019). Displacement & Domesticity Teaching Tool. Retrieved from A2I Research Group KULeuven https://www.a2i-kuleuven.be/displacemtn-domesticity-teaching-tool/]

This document was only made possible with the hard work of the coordinators, organisers and participants:

COORDINATOR: Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi (Barnard College, Columbia University, USA)

ASSISTANT COORDINATOR: Luce Beeckmans (Ghent University, Belgium)


Luce Beeckmans, Gent University

Alaqra Ahmad, Paris Diderot

Sila Karatas Bosoglu, Çankaya University

Marianna Charitonidou, NTU Athens

Racha Daher, KU Leuven

Dina Dahood, KU Leuven

Ipek Mehmetoglu, McGill University

Kirsten Dörmann, University of the Witwatersrand

Maretha Dreyer, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Elizabeth Edwards, Savannah College of Art and Design

Maram Shaweesh, The University of Queensland

Elisa Ferrato, Oxford Brookes University

Alessandra Gola, KU Leuven

Hilde Heynen, KU Leuven

Elis Mendoza, Princeton University

Hafsa Olcay, University of Edinburgh

Namaa Qudah, University of Delft

Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, Barnard College, Columbia University

Ashika Singh, KU Leuven

Benedikt Stoll, Guerilla Architects

Julia Tischer, McGill University

Amandine van der Aa, KU Leuven

Layla Zibar, Brandenburg Technische Universität