Conference Call: Architecture and Bureaucracy

Conference Call: Architecture and Bureaucracy

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The upcoming conference on ‘Architecture and Bureaucracy: Entangled Sites of Knowledge Production and Exchange’ will take place in Brussels, Belgium, 30-31 October 2019.

The goal of this conference is to critically engage with and reflect on the ways in which bureaucracy influences architecture and the ways in which architecture generates bureaucracy.

We welcome papers that use the record of bureaucracy to illuminate the architectural and extra-architectural cultures of stakeholders in the design, regulation, assessment, approval, funding, specification and construction of building creation processes throughout the twentieth century. Proposals may focus on specific case studies of buildings, agents or administrations; discuss the nature, origins and specificities of discourses found in built-environment-related bureaucracy; and/or reflect on the methodological challenges in studying architecture and bureaucracy.

The confirmed keynotes are Prof. Ben Kafka (New York University) and Dr. Tania Sengupta (University College London).

For the full CFP, more contextual and practical information, please see our website:

Abstracts of max. 500 words can be submitted by 31 May 2019 to: