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Plastic: Material for Modern Interiors and Consumer Products

The built environment, architecture and the interior have known various historic periods in which they were dominated by a set of specific materials, their production and construction requirements.  Twentieth-century material culture has been deeply influenced by the application of plastic, in the interior and even more widely in consumer products. After the invention of Parkesine

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On Continuity and Identity: Post-School Nepal.

This project aims to research and build generous spaces for communities under stress in Nepal.​ As in most other developing countries, good education is considered a key element in the process of progression and self-actualisation in Nepal. Unfortunately however, this objective has been sought in the greatest possible resemblance to the richer West. As a result, Nepali

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Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)

‘Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)’ is a Scientific Research Network (SRN), launched in 2017 and hosted by the research groups ‘Architectural Cultures of the Recent Past’, ARP, and ‘Architecture, Interiority, Inhabitation’, A2I, of the Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, acting together as core research unit under the coordination of Rajesh Heynickx (Head), Fredie Floré and Ricardo Agarez.

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