Mission Statement

Architecture, Interiority, Inhabitation (A2I) interrogates the interaction between architecture as a discipline, built spaces as constructs and the experience of people inhabiting these spaces. It studies architecture and interior architecture as contemporary practices and as fields of historical and theoretical reflection. Point of departure is a profound interest in public, common and private spaces, in the objects that inhabit them and in the way both (interior) architects and users contribute to their cultural, social or political meaning. Theoretical questionings dealing with notions such as modernity, interiority, power, gender and colonialism are guiding the research within this group. As these topics encompass a diverse range of spatial practices, histories and theories, the research group takes a multidisciplinary approach, building on knowledge in the field of history and theory of architecture and interior architecture, in the field of design studies and design history, the ethnographic study of public-private space and material culture.