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Rethinking the Architecture of Social Housing in Flanders

I. Social housing is a slippery concept. While similar expressions such as ‘public housing’ or ‘dwellings for the poorest / the labouring classes’ give precise indications concerning the actors involved and the targeted population, the notion of ‘social housing’ highlights a more problematic, dynamic dimension. In it, housing is constructed as a matter of generalized

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Afro-Indo Agendas: South Asian female migration to South Africa and the shaping of urban space

The research locates the everyday practices of South Asian migrant communities in South Africa within the chronicles of transoceanic narratives, providing insights into the spatialities associated with diasporic communities through a gender conscious perspective. It embraces inter-generational and inherited knowledge to create new categories in which the city can be investigated, navigating the intricate networks

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Conference Call: Architecture and Bureaucracy

The upcoming conference on ‘Architecture and Bureaucracy: Entangled Sites of Knowledge Production and Exchange’ will take place in Brussels, Belgium, 30-31 October 2019. The goal of this conference is to critically engage with and reflect on the ways in which bureaucracy influences architecture and the ways in which architecture generates bureaucracy. We welcome papers that

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