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Hilde Heynen’s book on Sibyl Moholy-Nagy published (at last!)

This summer Hilde Heynen’s long awaited book on Sibyl Moholy-Nagy was published, both in English (with Bloomsbury – ) and in German (with Sandstein – ). The English version is expensive, but the German one very affordable. A major voice in the architectural culture of the fifties and sixties, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy was uniquely

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Conference Call: Architecture and Bureaucracy

The upcoming conference on ‘Architecture and Bureaucracy: Entangled Sites of Knowledge Production and Exchange’ will take place in Brussels, Belgium, 30-31 October 2019. The goal of this conference is to critically engage with and reflect on the ways in which bureaucracy influences architecture and the ways in which architecture generates bureaucracy. We welcome papers that

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Open seminar 11th December @ 14h: The Agency of Display: Architecture Exhibitions and the Construction of Postmodern Architecture

The research groups A2I and ARP (Department of Architectuur) will host an open seminar entitled: “The Agency of Display: Architecture Exhibitions and the Construction of Postmodern Architecture” on December 11th 2018.  Speakers: prof. Véronique Patteeuw and prof. Léa-Catherine Szacka. The seminar takes place in the context of the FWO funded Scientific Research Network ‘Texts ≈

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Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)

‘Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)’ is a Scientific Research Network (SRN), launched in 2017 and hosted by the research groups ‘Architectural Cultures of the Recent Past’, ARP, and ‘Architecture, Interiority, Inhabitation’, A2I, of the Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, acting together as core research unit under the coordination of Rajesh Heynickx (Head), Fredie Floré and Ricardo Agarez.

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New Research Project: Designing Embassies for Middle Powers

  The Research Council of the KU Leuven has allocated financial support for the project ‘Designing Embassies for Middle Powers: The Architecture of Belgian and Dutch Diplomacy in a Globalizing World’ in the category fundamental research (C1). The project, led by Prof. dr. Fredie Floré and Prof. dr. Anne-Françoise Morel, aims at the study of

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